Is a Progressive Jackpot a Good Idea?

American gamblers are limited when it comes to the venues that will accept them, but that isn't the case here at Aladdin's Gold. In fact, we offer up not only some of the best games out there, but also huge progressive jackpots that are powered by the Real Time Gaming network. Of course, there is a time and a place to enjoy these titles, and individuals should remember that the size of the jackpot shouldn't have anything to do with the amount of money they choose to invest in any single machine. They're still fun, though, and there is a certain amount of excitement that comes with the thrill of knowing that a life-changing sum of money may be just around the corner.

There are many different strategies for winning online, and progressive jackpots can be a good one. Essentially, as individuals place wagers across the network, a certain portion of that is collected and put toward the potential prize. We recommend that people look for those that are randomly triggered rather than options that require maximum bets each and every spin. This is because a max bet could be as much as $250 and that's a great way to completely lose a bankroll in just a few seconds. The options that are triggered at random do not require a certain size wager or even a certain combination; they only require the individual to create a winning combination across one of the active paylines.

Of course, the prizes that are associated with the random triggers often have levels, too. This means that the prize pool is broken down into groups, and the potential winnings (if hit) are based upon the amount of the wager placed on the winning spin. For instance, the prize levels may be $100, $1000, $10,000 and $100,000. Only individuals who bet the max will qualify for the $100,000, but any wager at all - even on a penny machine - could qualify people for the $100 prize.

For those who want to try out these titles at Aladdin's Gold, we offer plenty of bonuses to get them started. $777 is up for grabs in our welcome package for anyone who chooses to make a qualifying deposit, and the wagering requirements associated with this offer are quite reasonable, too. When this is added to our wonderful reputation, our fantastic security measures and some of the best customer service anywhere in the industry, we're sure that our American clientele will keep coming back time and time again. After all, it is our goal to cater to a crowd that is often left out of the online gambling scene.

Whether or not progressive jackpots are beneficial to any given player is going to depend on how he or she chooses to wager. We have put together a wide selection of titles from which to choose, and many can be tried out for free just to get a 'feel' for them. We're sure that everyone will enjoy our excellent selection, whether they want to try for the six-figure prizes or just have a good time.