Different Poker Games you Never heard of

Breaking Down Different Poker Games You Never Heard Of

You might know how to play poker or not. Either way, it presents the perfect way to learn new things in the poker world. Online poker games come with different variations depending on your online casino. There are different poker games you never heard of that exist. Find more about them below.

Online Chinese Poker

Chinese poker is a growing phenomenon in online casinos. It is a unique poker variation where online players can receive 13 cards that is different from the traditional 2 when playing Texas Hold'em. Despite the different selection of cards, you can still make a win with the same gameplay with traditional poker handings. How do you play the Chinese poker online? After receiving the 13 poker starting cards, the player divides the cards into three different poker hands. The two hands contain the five cards while one hand contains two hands. Therefore, the player attempts to make the highest ranking holdings for each hand at the table.
  • Arrange cards based on hands received
  • Pick highest ranking hand on table

Seven Card Stud

A few decades ago, this poker game variant was among the top poker variants in America. However, over time the popularity of the poker game has reduced. More exciting variants such as Texas Hold'em and Omaha took over. However, unlike Texas Hold'em, it does not come with community cards. Furthermore, there are no limits for your bets. The game is played with each player paying receiving three different card sets. You will have to surrender when you have the lowest door card at the table. You can complete also when you have the lowest door card at the table. Betting continues clockwise for each round is applicable for every player.


In case you are finding it hard to try out the previous variant, Razz provides another simple option for a beginner. Razz presents a low stakes variant . It is a popular casino game among the old school elite. Unlike traditional poker hand rankings, the aim of Razz is landing the worst hand.
  • Big edge to players who can learn to observe while keeping any eye of the track of cards
  • Easy to learn that comes with a slow pace of learning
  • The low ball game means you stand a chance of winning a large potential even if you are a beginner to the game
When it comes to Razz, the aces are low and straights in addition to flushes do not end up counting at the casino. The lowest hand you can land at the casino starts with a five low. It uses a similar gameplay as Seven Card Stud only that the player with a high door card surrenders the round.

2-7 Triple Draw - Different Poker Games You Never Heard Of

In case you are interested in low-ball games such as Razz, you will certainly fall in love with this poker game variant. It takes a different route from other poker games that use community cards for hands. Despite being simple, you have to learn some basic rules. You play a five card draw. As a low-ball game, you aim at landing the lowest hand. The aces in the hand are high and straight with the flushes not counting. The best hand you can land fall within the range of 2 and 7 without the six. There is a dealer button that applies the same when playing Texas Hold'em.


In case you are having a hard time learning Texa Hold'em, you will have an easy and fun time when trying out the Horse poker variant. The name represents an abbreviation that contains five different poker variations. When sitting at an HORSE table, a plaque faces up to indicate the beginning of the game.


Badugi is a special poker variant that cannot be found in most online casinos. The variant uses a completely different hand ranking system that what you are used to. It represents a low ball game packed with some special features that separates it from the other poker variations. The player gets four cards dealt down.
  • Uses same format as 2-7
  • Four cards used to determine hand

Which Poker Variant is Best?

With various poker variations available, it begs the question, which is the best poker variant? There is no specific answer to this question. As a beginner, you need to try your hand in mixed poker games. The poker variant is one that you spent most time practicing. Understand the game first and win tournaments!