How to Become an Aladdin's Gold VIP

At Aladdin's Gold Casino, we strive to make every player feel welcome. Our generous loyalty programs and rewards are just the beginning. Becoming an Aladdin's Gold VIP member is the ultimate reward because our VIPs receive the very best perks and treatment. You'll get access to exclusive events like tournaments and free game previews as well as special bonuses that aren't available to anyone else. Whether you're new to Aladdin's Gold or already one of our valuable customers, we want to thank you for choosing our casino to satisfy your gaming needs.

The first step to becoming a VIP member is to sign up for an Aladdin's Gold account if you haven't already. During the first week of your membership, we will credit your account with a welcome incentive of as much as 200% each time you make a deposit. Once you're registered, you are automatically enrolled in our casino loyalty program. You can start earning points right away with the free money you earned with your welcome perks. For every $10 you bet on games, you'll receive 1 point. Every 100 points earns $1 cash in your account. Like our bonuses, there are no payout or wagering restrictions of any type. You also have immediate access to our weekly deals and other special promotions, including match deposits and double or triple comp point opportunities on certain games.

Unlike some casinos, we think all of our players deserve VIP status so there's no waiting period or additional fee requirements to become a VIP member at Aladdin's Gold. Whether you enjoy high stakes games or prefer placing smaller wagers, you'll have access to special promotions every single day of the year. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rewards, along with opportunities to collect free chips, join new tournaments, or check out free games. You'll also receive VIP deposit coupons regularly via email. Our goal is to make every player's experience enjoyable and exciting. That's why we have made it so easy to become an Aladdin's Gold VIP so sign up today and start earning the rewards you deserve.